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Our Olive Oils

Choose from any of our olive oil varieties, each carefully crafted to inspire your next appetizer, snack, meal, or dessert. Filippo Berio® Olive Oil is the essential ingredient to any recipe.

  • Robusto Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle Label

    Bold and full-bodied for a lively burst of flavor.


    Flavor Profile: Intense fruity flavor with a peppery sensation

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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle Label

    Aromatic and full flavored, with a deep greenish-gold color.


    Flavor Profile: Rich and peppery

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  • Delicato Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle Label

    Mild and light bodied for a subtle, complementary flavor.


    Flavor Profile: Slightly fruity with a hint of apple and ripe olive notes

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  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle Label

    Robust and fruity-flavored organic olive oil with deep green color, certified to strict USDA organic standards.

    Flavor Profile: Robust and fruity

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  • Olive Oil Bottle Label

    Exquisitely balanced with a mild taste and beautiful golden color.

    Flavor Profile: Balanced and smooth

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  • Extra Light Olive Oil Bottle Label

    Subtle flavor with a light bouquet and pale yellow color.

    Flavor Profile: Subtle and delicate

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